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On-Site Services

We will assist you by supporting your Admin and Curriculum networks, this includes regular general housekeeping checks such as ensuring that your Anti-virus software and Backups are up to date, to designing and building entirely new networks for your school.

How will our services benefit you?

•  Experienced & trained staff to support all of your school's ICT needs
•  Support of existing Admin networks. SIMS and Integris. No more troublesome upgrades
•  General Housekeeping - Checking Anti-virus is automatically Updating & Backups are working properly
•  Full knowledge of Ergo Free2Teach and RM Schoolshare curriculum networks.
•  Design and build custom networks tailored to suit your requirements
•  Installation of new computers onto your Curriculum and Admin Networks
•  Installation of Printers, Scanners, Etc.
•  Advice & recommendations on best practices and latest technologies
•  Recommendations of future needs
•  Installation of Curriculum Software
•  Installation & configuration of Wired & Wireless networks